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RAI Claims Water Restrictions Are Detrimental To Industry

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RAI Claims Water Restrictions Are Detrimental To Industry

Water restrictions in Dublin are to be implements from tonight onwards due to a problem at the main water treatment plant.

There will lower water pressure and loss of supply from 8pm to 7am.

Adrian Cummins , chief executive of the Restaurants Associations of Ireland says that water tankers need to be brought into Dublin to help the hundreds of businesses that are going to be affected by the restrictions. 'This means more hardship for the restaurant industry. For four years the Dublin City Council has been telling us that they have no water. We pay the highest water charges in Europe. The problem is that the water is being switched off at 8 o'clock at night. If they turned it off at about half past 9 or 10 then the industry would stand some sort of chance of making a profit to pay their rates. Dublin City Council are not going to give us any compensation. The issue regarding water shortages has to stop. It seems to be happening every 6 months in this country. We have lobbied about this before. We'll do everything in our power to feed the consumers in out restaurants.'

The water storages affect the city and the wider Dublin area.