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Cacao Barry Announce Tie-Up With Redmond Fine Foods

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Cacao Barry Announce Tie-Up With Redmond Fine Foods

Cacao Barry, the premium French chocolate brand, is delighted to announce its exclusive partnership in Ireland with Redmond Fine Foods.

Since 1842, Cacao Barry has been the premium chocolate preferred by artisans and chefs throughout the world. Founded by Charles Barry in Meulan, France, Cacao Barry has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation and offers its clients a wide range of only the finest chocolate, satisfying the requirements and specific needs of even the most demanding chef.

Fluid in texture, consistent in taste and quality, it is guaranteed to enhance even the most elaborate creations. Redmond Fine Foods are now stocking the Cacao Barry range exclusively throughout Ireland

Redmond Fine Foods specialise in the procurement, marketing and distribution of high value food ingredients to the food service industry across Ireland. They work closely with their partners in Ireland and globally in delivering a varied, exclusive and extensive portfolio of beautiful food produce ranging from the kitchen necessity to the extravagant. Every product is chosen for its story and the value it can bring to their customers. As a company they are singularly focused on quality and are driven by our commitment to service through product support, knowledge of our ingredients and the simple measure of delivering on time and consistently. Redmond Fine foods strive to offer food professionals a unique point of difference in designing menus and to enhance every cooking and dining experience. and