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Ryanair Changes its Arrival Jingle

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Ryanair Changes its Arrival Jingle

The iconic Ryanair arrival jingle - played over the intercom on flights as the plane touched down - has been changed after an online customer vote.

The original trumpet fanfare was played to mark an on-time arrival and to announce the impressive statistics of on-time arrivals Ryanair boasts.

The jingle, often greeted with applause (genuine or otherwise), will be changed after a Twitter poll last year, when customers opted to change it, the Irish Independent reports.

After some tinkering, the airline appears to have settled on the new theme, which still features the arrival time statistics and the tagline 'Low Fares made Simple'.

The change in the arrival jingle is another move in Ryanair's 'Always Getting Better' campaign, which has seen it axe a number of the features it was once synonymous with, such as the staff calendar and the yellow interiors of the planes.


The new jingle can be heard in the video below, along with a GGI representation of the new Boeing 737 MAX 200 aircraft that will be rolled out in 2019.