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Ryanair's Boarding Passes Go Digital

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Ryanair's Boarding Passes Go Digital

Ryanair has launched its new mobile boarding passes. The new Ryanair smartphone app will allow passengers to board flights using an electronic boarding pass instead of printing one out. The boarding passes will also be available off-line.

This is the latest in a long line of measures Ryanair has taken to revamp its image and improve its service to customers.

The app is a more streamlined version of the website and passengers will be able to manage their booking and check in for flights, as well as book flights, hotels and car hire. It is available for both iPhone and Android in English, Spanish and Italian.

However, nearly 10 per cent of airports Ryanair flies to do not facilitate mobile check in. Ryanair suggested that they will make a list of these airports available and let customers flying to the airports know that digital boarding passes are not available.

Passengers who do not have smartphones can check in online and print their boarding passes as usual.

If your mobile runs out of battery and you are unable to access your boarding pass you will be charged €15 to have one printed. Although the new security measures requiring you to have your phone charged if you're flying to the UK might just save you some money. At least that's one good thing to come from the new measures.