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Titanic Belfast Records 22% Increase In Visitor Numbers

By Dave Simpson
Titanic Belfast Records 22% Increase In Visitor Numbers

Titanic Belfast has announced that it's recorded an increase of 22% in visitor numbers since April of this year.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that the popular tourist attraction played host to close to 440,000 visitors throughout the four months from April to August, representing a rise of 80,000 from the 360,000 people who passed through it doors during the same period last year.

Titanic Belfast chief executive Tim Husbands attributed the upturn in business to "the sharp drop in the value of the pound since last summer's Brexit vote", which he believes "has made Northern Ireland a more attractive destination."

Husbands added, "As well as a significant rise in visitors from the Republic of Ireland, we've also benefited from increases in visitors from the UK and local visitors who are holidaying more at home and are looking for a unique experience in a reassuring environment."