Walsh Family Urged To Reopen Lissadel To The Public

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Walsh Family Urged To Reopen Lissadel To The Public

Many people have expressed outraged following the Supreme Court overruling the High Court's findings on the case between Lissadell's owners and Sligo County Council which found that rights of way had existed.

The house was bought in 2003 by Constance Cassidy and her husband Eddie Walsh for €4.55 million. The barrisster couple spent €9 million restoring the estate and took legal action after the council passed a motion amending the county development plan to include rights of way through the estate.

The court found only a small part of the land on Lissadell with access to the coast can be used by the public, but no cars can park there.

The Walsh family have been urged to reopen the estate to the public. Sligo County Council expressed disappointment with the judgment.The judgment got a mixed reaction locally, with supporters of both sides asking why the issue had to go to court given the massive financial implications, and with the council struggling with debts of €80 million.

Local Fine Gael TD John Perry described it as "a travesty" to see one of Ireland's premier tourist attractions closed.

Lissadell was formerly the ancestral home of the Gore Booth family, as well as the former home of Countess Constance Markievicz.