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Year-Round US Flights Resume At Shannon

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Year-Round US Flights Resume At Shannon

After a five year hiatus, Shannon Airport's year-round services to New York will resume today.

In 2009, the airport was forced to suspend servicing the US daily between the months of January and March, claiming that it wasn't economically viable.

Since then Aer Lingus had flown on alternate days to Boston (four times weekly) and New York (three times a week).

Yesterday, flight EI-111 departed for JFK International Airport, restoring full year-round connectivity with New York.

Speaking in Shannon last month, Aer Lingus chief executive, Christoph Müller acknowledged that Shannon deserved daily services to the east coast of the US.


“This move with the 757 has done two things. Not only can we now fly daily but we can fly daily to two destinations.

“This is only possible with the 757 due to the capacity and we are quite optimistic that we have got it right,” the Aer Lingus boss added.

Irish Hotels Federation president Michael Vaughan told the Irish Examiner: “We have been arguing and fighting since 2009 about 757s being used on these routes from Shannon.

“Airline industry and consultants have been telling us for years that Shannon is ‘757 heaven’ and this has now been proven.

The Irish Examiner reports that ten new services will also commence this week from Shannon; including Ryanair flights to Munich, Paris, Faro, Warsaw, Krakow, Nice, Poitiers, Berlin, Fuerteventura, and Bristol with Aer Lingus Regional.