Airbnb Report Claims It Generated €273m For Dublin In 2016

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Airbnb Report Claims It Generated €273m For Dublin In 2016

Airbnb has released its 'Home Sharing: The Positive Impacts on Dublin' report today (January 26), which states that there was 403,500 inbound guests to Dublin last year, spending €221 million during their stay and that a typical host earning was €4,900.

The reports overview said that there was 6,100 hosts in Dublin during 2016 and that a typical host listing lasted for 50 days annually, with guests staying on average for 3.2 nights reports The Irish Times. 23 per cent of guests said they would not have gone on their trip, or would not have stayed as long without Airbnb according to the report. St Patrick's Day resulted in 60 per cent more guests visiting compared to the same time the previous year, generating €2.4 million over that period.

Of the 403,500 guests, 63 per cent were from Europe, 30 per cent came from North America and 19 per cent were from the United Kingdom. The host community generated €52 million total income, which when added to the €221 million generated by Airbnb guests resulted in a total economic activity of €273 million throughout Dublin.

Aisling Hassell, site lead and global head of customer experience said: "There’s been a lot of misinformation and assumptions made about Airbnb but the study shows the community is generating more than €200 million to the local economy and that’s a great story to tell."