American Visitors: What Hoteliers Need To Know

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American Visitors: What Hoteliers Need To Know

Americans interest in travel to Europe is at an all time high. MMGY Global predicts a record number of vacations and new highs in vacation spending among American travellers over the next two years.

American travellers are going back to travel agents in a steadily growing pace, in fact, overall use of travel agents and desire to use them is up across the board in every generational group.

More importantly, American travellers who said they used travel agents also said they were strongly influenced by them in selecting specific destinations, hotels and resorts. The bad news is, "travel agents can’t sell your hotel if they don't know it's there," says Stephen Scott, CEO & Founder of HoteliersFriend, Sales & Marketing Solutions for Independent Hotels Worldwide, Dublin Ireland.

"If you’re relying on OTAs and Direct Bookings, or worse, a representation company that places your hotel on a long list of comparable hotels, you’ll be missing out on serious business from North America," Scott adds, "Consumers are simply flummoxed by the sheer volume of choice out there on the Internet, plainly put, your brand needs to cut through the din.

"Your hotel must be placed right in front of the American travel professional. The goal must be, when travel agents think of Ireland they think of your hotel. Remember, American holidaymakers stay longer, do more and spend more, so investing in the American market is well worth it."