Argentina Tops List of Irish Hotel Spenders

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Argentina Tops List of Irish Hotel Spenders

Visitors from Argentina spent the most on hotel rooms in Ireland last year, paying out an average of €128 per room.

According to website, tourists from the South American country increased their spending by 19 per cent compared to the previous year and paid nearly 25 per cent more than the national average room price of €103.

The figures of the top spenders in ireland were revealed by's Hotel Price Index, which put Mexico and Norway second and third on the list, respectively. Mexican tourists increased their spend by 18 per cent to €126 for a room and Norwegians spent an extra ten per cent to €120.

The list showed a large number of countries increasing the amount they spent on a hotel room, indicative of the improving conditions of the Irish hotel market.

The high price paid by Argentine and Mexican travellers has been put down to the fact that long-haul tourists are more likely to spend more for better quality accommodation. However, the increased percentages almost across the board bodes well for Irish hotels in 2015.