DIT Students Win IHI 'Business Management Game'

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DIT Students Win IHI 'Business Management Game'

A team of five students representing Dublin Institute of Technology was selected as the outright winner of the Irish Hospitality Institute (IHI) Business Management Game 2013.The team scored top marks in the competition, which attracted eight teams representing young hospitality managers of the future

from all over Ireland.At the presentation of the awards, captain Emer Mulcahy spoke of the team’s delight in winning the overall prize, which came after an intense competition. Game participants spent two days devising a strategy to plan and manage a fictitious hospitality business in a simulated Irish business environment,

reflecting the specific challenges facing the industry today. HOTS provided an online programme developed to pitch for Irish business in clearly identified target markets, working within achievable budgets and using the marketing tools available to deliver results. The winning team, under the tutorage of John Ryan and Clem Ryan included Mulcahy, Erica McLoughlin-Tighe, Katie Clarke, Michael Wirz and Muireann Ni Laoi. Natasha Kinsella FIHI, chief executive of the Irish Hospitality Institute, speaking at the awards ceremony, said, “The challenges presented in this year’s Business Game were specifically developed to achieve results in targeting GB visitors to our individual businesses and areas. All competitors demonstrated a clear ability and an excellent understanding of how to achieve these goals and, irrespective of the individual results, will leave the games with a template that can and will work, through adjustment, for many years to come.”