Dublin Hotel Prices Up 27% In May, Lisbon Tops Europe

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Dublin Hotel Prices Up 27% In May, Lisbon Tops Europe

Hotel prices have increased across Europe this month, with a particular surge in Lisbon ahead of the Champions League final, according to the trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI) released monthly by hotel search site Based on the 50 most popular European cities on, the average hotel price across Europe has increased by 11% this month.

Over the same period, the average hotel price in Lisbon has risen by 35% to €147, peaking at €1,428 on the night of the Champions League final.

Champions League final: marked increase in Lisbon

The average hotel price in Lisbon has risen by up to 35% this month for the final of the Champions League, which will be held on Saturday 24 May. On the night of the match, a standard double room in the capital will cost an average of €1,428 (as of 1st May) compared to the average May price of €147.

The average price for 24 May throughout April was €360, which increased to €581 in the final week of the month, before reaching €1,428 on 1 May. This equates to an increase of 297% in 30 days and 146% in just 7 days.


Unsurprisingly, hotel availability on the night of the final has also decreased dramatically, standing at just 6% as of 1 May.

Cannes Film Festival: hotel prices up by 140% during festival

The annual Cannes Film Festival is currently underway in Southern France, with hotel prices in the city above average throughout the event’s ten-day run. The average hotel price during the festival is €406, compared to the May average of €169.

Hotel prices in the city will peak on Saturday 17 May, when a standard double room will cost an average of €585.

Dublin Gay Theatre Festival: Dublin hotel prices rise


Dublin hotel prices have also risen in May as the city hosts its own festival – the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. The average hotel price in the capital is €131 this month – an increase of 27% from April’s €103 average. Hotel prices are also up 16% in comparison to May 2013 – one of the highest year-on-year increases in Europe.

Other regions in Ireland have also seen a marked year-on-year increase, with hotel prices rising in Killarney (up 17% to an average of €116), Galway (up 12% to €102) and Waterford (up 12% to €91). In addition, the average hotel price for the top 10 destinations in Ireland has increased by 10% from €97 in April to €107 in May.

Spring has sprung: hotel prices up across Europe in May

Hotel prices have risen across Europe this month as spring continues. After Copenhagen, Lisbon and Cannes, the most significant increases can be found in Riga (up 35% to €101) and Nice (up 33% to €153).

John Pilkington, Public Relations UK & Ireland, comments, “It’s common to see hotel prices rise sharply during popular sporting events, but at almost ten times the monthly average, the increase seen in Lisbon for the Champions League final easily surpasses the rise we have seen for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Coupled with availability in the city at just 6%, it’s likely visitors will struggle to find accommodation in Lisbon on the night of the match.

Unsurprisingly, hotel prices across Europe have also risen this month as we head into summer and travellers look to make the most of the improved weather.”