Dublin Hotel Prices Up 88% For St Patrick's Weekend: Trivago Research

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Dublin Hotel Prices Up 88% For St Patrick's Weekend: Trivago Research

Hotel prices in Dublin have increased by up to 88% this St Patrick’s Day, according to hotel comparison website Prices are also up in the UK cities of Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast. Elsewhere in Europe, hotel prices have increased for the spring season, but decreased year-on-year.

The largest hotel price increases this St Patrick’s Day are unsurprisingly found in Dublin, which annually hosts one of the biggest St Patrick’s Day parade in the world.

Visitors can enjoy traditional Irish dancing, live music, street performers, markets, a funfair and other festivities from Friday 14th onwards.

Hotel prices are at their highest on Saturday 15th March, according to triage, when an overnight stay will cost an average of €209. This is an 88% increase from the monthly average of €111 per night. However, prices have also increased on Friday 14th (up 25% to €139), Sunday 16th (up 79% to €199) and Monday 17th (up 50% to €166).

Although these increases are undoubtedly large, the prices are more reasonable than St Patrick’s Day last year. Dublin hoteliers faced an online backlash in 2013 after raising their prices by 173% to an average of €296 on Saturday 16th March. It is encouraging to see these price hikes lessen, as it would be unfortunate for visitors to be deterred from attending the world famous celebration.