Hilton Celebrates A Decade Of Growth Since Initial Public Offering

By Robert McHugh
Hilton Celebrates A Decade Of Growth Since Initial Public Offering

Hilton is celebrating a decade of growth since its initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange, on 11 December 2013.

Over the last ten years, Hilton has nearly doubled its global property and room count, more than doubled its brand portfolio, and more than quadrupled the number of Hilton Honors members worldwide.

‘Network Effect’

“Over the last decade, we have enhanced the resiliency of our model with the spin-offs of our timeshare business and the majority of our real estate, creating a capital-light, fee-based business,” said Kevin Jacobs, chief financial officer and president of global development, Hilton.

“We have also continued to strengthen our balance sheet and the power of our network effect.”

Shareholder Returns

Since the IPO, Hilton has delivered total shareholder returns of approximately 330%, outperforming the Dow Jones Index and S&P Index returns of roughly 185% and 210%, respectively.


Hilton has also delivered total shareholder returns at more than double the S&P 500 Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Lines Sub-Industry Index average of approximately 150%.

Loyalty Programme

Hilton has a footprint of 22 brands and 7,400 properties, with nearly 200 million travellers staying at Hilton-branded hotels in 2022.

Furthermore, Hilton Honors – the fastest-growing hotel loyalty programme – has added more than 130 million members in ten years, to total more than 173 million members as of the third quarter.

Additionally, nearly 90% of Hilton’s properties are franchised, allowing the company to continue to expand and diversify its ownership base.

‘Remarkable Path’

“Hilton’s development pipeline is robust, laying out a remarkable path for our growth in the future,” Jacobs said.

“Our next era of growth will be defined by Hilton’s ability to continue delivering reliable and friendly stay experiences, innovating to meet travellers’ evolving needs, and growing strategically to serve even more guests, as they seek new travel experiences around the world.”