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Hotelier Francis Brennan Welcomes Airbnb Competition

Published on Jun 20 2016 11:56 AM in Hotel tagged: park hotel / kenmare / francis brennan

Hotelier Francis Brennan Welcomes Airbnb Competition

Hotelier Francis Brennan believes that rather than providing unwelcome competition for hotels, Airbnb "might be a saviour" for the industry, particularly given Dublin's current room shortage woes.

Brennan, who runs the Park Hotel in Kenmare with his brother John, warned that Dublin "could get into terrible trouble"  if tourists begin to turn their back on visiting Dublin due to lack of adequate accommodation.

Speaking to Newstalk on Saturday, Brennan made the point that if overseas visitors can't find lodgings in Dublin, it could have a knock on effect throughout the island as tourists choose to visit other European cities instead.

"It's critical that we don't lock out Dublin, because people just won't come...", he said, adding that Airbnb should be welcomed as it draws people to Ireland who are then more likely to spend around the rest of the country.

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