Hotels Venue of Choice in Wedding Industry Boom

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Hotels Venue of Choice in Wedding Industry Boom

The wedding industry in Ireland is experiencing a post-recession boom, according to a survey conducted by The survey reveals that 32% of couples are planning to spend up to €20,000 on their weddings.

The trend is for ‘bigger’ weddings, with longer guest lists, bigger venues, and higher budgets. This is good news for large hotels, as almost half of the 1,400 couples surveyed said they would choose ‘a large reception venue’, and nearly one fifth of couples would opt for a boutique hotel.

Hotels appear to be the wedding venue of choice, as only a minority of 11.3% said they would prefer the more modest venue of a private house. The size of the average Irish wedding is large, with 40% of couples surveyed inviting up to 150 guests to the ceremony, whilst 12% of respondents intend to invite over 200 guests.

Saturday remains the most popular day of the week for wedding ceremonies, although Friday is a close second, with over 30% of couples choosing to get married before the weekend begins. Meanwhile, 7.9% of all planned Irish weddings are scheduled to take place on the 1st of the month.

Furthermore, in spite of the current trend for getting married abroad, an impressive 93% of couples surveyed, half of whom are aged between 26 and 30 are marrying at home.

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