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Irish Among Most Frequent Users Of Airbnb In The EU

Published on Dec 22 2017 10:00 AM in Hotel tagged: Ireland / EU / Airbnb / Eurostat

Irish Among Most Frequent Users Of Airbnb In The EU

A new study undertaken by Eurostat has revealed that Irish residents are among the most frequent users of peer-to-peer accommodation websites, such as Airbnb, in the EU.

As reported by The Irish Times, Eurostat's data indicates that approximately 17% of the EU's population booked accommodation through websites or apps such as Airbnb in 2017, with 21% of people who reside in the Republic of Ireland making use of such sites.

This figure positions the Republic as the third highest ranking EU nation when it comes to the popularity of peer-to-peer accommodation sites.

Britain took the top spot with 34% of UK residents availing of Airbnb and similar sites this year, while Luxembourg came in second with a usage rate of 22%.

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