New Bullitt Hotel Earmarked For Dublin's Capel Street

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New Bullitt Hotel Earmarked For Dublin's Capel Street

Irish hotel company Beannchor has unveiled plans to construct a sister hotel to the Bullitt Belfast on Capel Street in Dublin.

As reported by The Belfast Telegraph, Beannchor, which operates a plethora of pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants across Ireland, has already selected a site that they deem suitable for the hotel on Capel Street.

The Bullitt Belfast includes a wide-open lobby, bar and dining area as well as architecture and artwork inspired by the 1968 Steve McQueen movie from which it takes its name.

While Beannchor didn't divulge when Dublin residents can expect construction on Capel Street to begin, Company director Conall Wolsey stated that he's pleased with how the Bullitt Belfast has performed since opening in October and added that the Bullitt Dublin "will have the exact same style and theme" as that of its northern counterpart.