Re-Introduction Of Joint Labour Committees "Unfathomable" says IHF

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Re-Introduction Of Joint Labour Committees "Unfathomable" says IHF

The Irish Hotels Federation have reacted angrily to the decision by Minister for Enterprise Richard Bruton to re-introduce Joint Labour Committees in an amended form.

The JLC for hotels in Dublin is to be closed, it was decided last night, along with the Catering JLC.

A spokesman for the Minister said terms and conditions of staff affected by the ending of the committee in the Dublin hotel sector would continue to be covered by their existing contracts of employment.

He said any changes would relate to new employees and they would have the protections of employment legislation, the minimum wage and collective bargaining where unions operated.

The number of joint labour committees, the wage-setting mechanism that determines terms and conditions for workers in particular sectors, is to be reduced by the Government.


The Irish Hotels Federation (IHF) said that it was' unfathomable' that Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation decision to reintroduce 'an unworkable, archaic and anti-business Joint Labour Committee for the hotels sector'.

Michael Vaughan, President, Irish Hotels Federation (IHF) said that it is 'incredulous' that the Joint Labour Committee (JLC) system will be reintroduced to all counties outside of Dublin and Cork. 'This will have serious continued detrimental effect on job creation in the hospitality sector'.