Wage Hike for Dalata Staff: Report

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Wage Hike for Dalata Staff: Report

Dalata, Ireland's biggest hotel group, has announced that it will give across-the-board wage increases to its staff, according to reports. 

Chief executive Pat McCann said the increase would apply to all 4,000 staff across the 47 hotels that Dalata owns, leases or manages.

The rise, according to the UK's The Sunday Times, will be between two and three per cent.

Dalata recently gave details of what was a very successful 2014, as revenue was up 30 per cent compared to the previous year.

The group has been extremely active on the market since its IPO last year, buying several properties in the UK and Ireland, including the takeover of the Moran Bewleys group.

The Moran Bewley's Hotels will be rebranded as the new, four-star Clayton Hotels and plans are in place to extend and refurbish the properties in Dublin Airport and Ballsbridge. The hotel in Chiswick, London is currently undergoing a £7 million extension as part of the rebrand.