Bath Pub Owners Want Leopardstown Inn

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Bath Pub Owners Want Leopardstown Inn

Loyola, the company that owns the Bath Pub in Sandymount, Dublin 4, has made overtures regarding buying the Leopardstown Inn.

Loyola, which is partially owned by Eoin O'Malley, a former centre for the Leinster rugby team, has formally submitted a bid to buy Hyper Trust, the company that owns the desired property.

An examiner, Anthony Weldon of Kieran Ryan & Co, has been appointed to Hyper Trust, which is also a prominent shareholder in the Dublin-based radio station Newstalk FM. Weldon is to draw up a scheme of arrangement for the benefit of Hyper Trust's creditors by the end of January.

Brian and Des Reddy, its current shareholders, also have made a bid, according to a report in the Sunday Business Post.