Bitcoin Making Its Way Into Irish Pubs

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Bitcoin Making Its Way Into Irish Pubs

The Baggott Inn has become one of the first pubs in Ireland to accept the digital currency Bitcoin, as legal tender.

The Baggot Inn sold their very first drink to be paid for with Bitcoin for a total sum worth BTC 0.0093. According to the venue, the price of drinks will understandably change depending on the market. 

While Bitcoin is still in the beginning stages of being used as a day-to-day currency, this move has certainly caused people to start talking about it. According to Twitter, the Baggot Inn was trending throughout Ireland shortly after the sale.

Bitcoin is slowly making it’s presence known in Dublin. The very first Bitcoin ATM will be arriving in Temple Bar in the coming days.

But it appears that the Baggot Inn may not have been the first pub in the country to accept Bitcoin – Healy’s Pub in Ballycastle, Co Mayo took in Bitcoin for two pints a whole month ago on February 4, and posted the proof on Twitter.