Brexit Having An Adverse Effect On Pub Culture, Says VFI

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Brexit Having An Adverse Effect On Pub Culture, Says VFI

According to a survey carried out by the Vinters Federation of Ireland (VFI), 62% of Irish people are of the opinion that the pub is a pivotal part of communities across the country.

As reported by, the survey stated that 9 out of 10 Irish natives want to see our pub culture preserved while 97% of tourists intending to travel to Ireland plan on visiting a pub during their stay. It also revealed that with a 31% share of the vote, Saturday night is the most popular time to be in a pub, while 53% of those who contributed to the poll claimed to have had a first date in a pub.

The survey prefaced the start of the VFI's AGM in Athlone today (May 9), which is expected to address Federation President Pat Crotty's warnings that Brexit is already having an adverse impact on the drinks industry due to falling UK tourist numbers and currency shifts.

According to Crotty, "Overall the trade is in a much better place and we are looking forward to the future with great optimism but we are still facing some significant challenges. Brexit is already having an effect as the numbers visiting Ireland from the UK have fallen this year. The value of Sterling is a key issue for us as a tourist destination and with the negotiations around the UK’s departure from the EU only starting we can be sure of more uncertainty in the coming years."

Crotty also stated that "excise duty on wine, beer, spirits and cider continues to undermine any recovery in the sector while the cost of public liability insurance is causing havoc for publicans across the country. Add to this commercial and water rates as well as other regulatory impositions."