Killarney’s First Whiskey Parlour Experience

By Robert McHugh
Killarney’s First Whiskey Parlour Experience

A new whiskey parlour has opened in Killarney in the town’s first underground bar, Pig’s Lane.

The Pig’s Lane Whiskey Parlour brings connoisseurs of all levels on an immersive whiskey-tasting journey, featuring over 230 of the most renowned and rarest bottles from around the world.

'Distinct Roots'

"We’ve worked hard to create an experience that can be enjoyed both by whiskey novices and connoisseurs while paying homage to our distinct roots through our interiors," said Ariel Sanecki, drinks development manager for the O’Donoghue Ring Collection and Pig’s Lane.

"Our menu represents the very best distillers across the globe and our collection is ever-expanding."

'Secret Door Effect'

Guests will experience a 'secret door effect' upon entering the parlour, and step into a clandestine speakeasy, reminiscent of the prohibition era.


From the 1840’s tiger oak paneling in the snug, to the Dunvilles & Jameson original hand-crafted mirrors and the 60’s lighting replicating antique whiskey glasses, each design detail has been thought through to enhance the whiskey-tasting experience.

Rare And Unique

The curated menu focuses on Irish Whiskey with a nod to fine scotches and bourbons.

There are over 230 whiskeys on offer, with many rare and unique bottles sourced from the best producers and collectors internationally.

Producers from Scotland, the US and Japan are represented with a collection that is ever-growing and evolving.

'Quality Producers'

Connoisseurs can enjoy some of the more well-known names, or savour some rare and much sought-after releases.


"We are always looking for new, quality producers to add to our display, so that we can enhance our offering and create a truly unparalleled whiskey tasting experience for our customers,” said Sanecki.

Pig’s Lane

The name ‘Pig’s Lane’ is a nod to the former name of the original site on which the new bar now stands.

From the early 1800’s, Pig’s Lane ran from College Street to Railway Road.