New Dublin Bar Hiring Using SnapChat

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New Dublin Bar Hiring Using SnapChat

New Dublin bar, Sober Lane, is hiring staff using a unique method. The bar, which is due to open near the Aviva Stadium on 16 July, is asking candidates to apply using SnapChat only.

The app allows users to take a photo or video of something, which they can send to other users. The recipient can then view the content for a limited amount of time, from one to ten seconds, before it is deleted from the device and the SnapChat servers.

Sober Lane are asking candidates to 'make an impression' using the social media app. There are up to 20 positions available in the bar and venue, including bar, waiting and kitchen staff, and there have already been hundreds of applications. The bar will communicate with the applicants via their SnapChat profiles.

The owner of Sober Lane, Ernest Cantillon, already owns three successful bars in Cork. His Dublin venture is set to be similar to the Cork venue of the same name, in Cantillon's own words 'quirky and different'. He often uses social media to promote his bars and said that the success of these promotions led him use SnapChat for the recruitment drive for his new bar.

Cantillon plans to open two more bars in Dublin over the next six to twelve months.