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Scottish Brewery Launches 'Armageddon' Beer

Published on Dec 12 2012 2:54 PM in Pub/Bar/Nightclub

Scottish Brewery Launches 'Armageddon' Beer

A Scottish brewery has unveiled its latest beverage, which it claims is the world’s strongest beer.Brewmeister’s “Armageddon” boasts a whopping alcohol by volume (ABV) rate of 65 per cent. Dependant on manufacturer, most beers currently on sale in Ireland and the UKhave an ABV of 2 – 12 per cent. Introduced at the Inverness Beer Festival at the beginning of November, Armageddon is made from crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats and 100 per cent Scottish spring water. The brew is then freeze-fermented, which cools the beer to freezing point to bring out the ABV.Brewmeister co-founder Lewis Shand said that the new beer offers quite a kick. “The phrase ‘packs a punch’ probably doesn’t do it justice. ‘Delivers a supersonic-charged explosion and conveys the taster to Drunksville’ is probably more appropriate.”Until an even stronger brew emerges, Armageddon has dwarved its competitors in the high-volume beer market; which include Brew Dog’s “Tactical Nuclear Penguin” (ABV 32 per cent) and Dutch brewer Koelschip’s “Start the Future” (ABV 60 per cent).

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