Sober Lane Opens in Dublin

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Sober Lane Opens in Dublin

The long awaited Sober Lane bar opened in Irishtown, Dublin last week and is already proving popular.

The bar, which already has a successful base in Cork, hit the headlines last month when it announced that it would be recruiting all 20 members of staff via Snapchat. The bar was inundated with applications after their advertisement went viral. It is believed that around 2,700 applications were received.

According to a report in The Journal, owner Ernest Cantillion said that this hiring approach meant they got "the most creative and outgoing staff without having to trawl through stack loads of CVs and try to get to know someone on paper."

The bar is offering a varied food selection with several meal deals and drink deals. It also hosts themed nights and months; this month is Mexican month. There are also weekly events such as table quizzes, and drink promotions where you can win drinks by playing games such as rock, paper, scissors.

The bar is a prolific user of social media; it has very active Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat accounts and has a fun, eye-catching and easily navigable website, which reflects the fun and quirky atmosphere of the bar and which is sure to pique punters' interests.

Image: Sober Lane