Timely Tastes At Fade St Social

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Timely Tastes At Fade St Social

Dylan McGrath (pictured) launched The Bar at Fade St. Social last night in a 1900's themed event ahead of the final of Masterchef. Already known for its interesting approach to flavour combinations in the kitchen, The Bar at Fade St. Social will now showcase their talent in a more ‘spirited’ form and take you back in time to the Dublin of old.

As a statement read, "Dublin was a different city then – a lawless city. It was an untamed place, home to infamous gangs, rivals fought for the sake of fighting. The O'Connell street area was home to one of the largest red light districts in Europe. Ordinary citizens were terrorized and under constant hardship with real poverty and strife.

"Dublin was full of characters, and whether by vice or by virtue, gave the city its unique pulse. Times may have changed - but part of what makes Dublin special is the way it keeps the best of its history alive, in its streets, its buildings and in its people. Fade Street Social, is a prime example- housed in a superbly maintained old tenement building. And this is the inspiration behind the design of Fade Street Social’s new cocktail bar. When Dylan stumbled across an old picture of Fade Street, he decided to look into the area's past, and he just couldn't get enough. He has drawn on the rich history of the neighbourhood to create an atmosphere that echoes the area's past and embraces its present."

The list of signature cocktails, fashioned by Dylan and the team of talented mixologists, combine flavours and styles you won’t see anywhere else in the city. Every drink is inspired by the past - a few are even named after some of the infamous 19th century Dublin characters such as The Lugs Brannigan (so called because of his cauliflower ears). Lugs was an infamous cop who put manners on the toughest brawler; and The Mushatt - Harry Muschat the man with all the cures dispensed tonics and lotions from the his tenement.

There's also a cocktail named the Monto, of which Hospitality Ireland is curious...