Cuisine de France Opens Pop-Up Café In Dublin

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Cuisine de France Opens Pop-Up Café In Dublin

Cuisine de France has opened a pop-up café called 'La Petite Boulangerie' in Dublin on Camden Street, which will operate from today (10 July) until Friday 22 July. reports that the venue will serve a variety of unique French-themed treats, including a new invention called a croffle, which combines a croissant with the texture of a waffle. Filling choices include black pudding, pulled pork, avocado, cheese and Nutella.

Commenting on the café, pastry chef Louise Lennox, who helped create the croffle, stated" "Cuisine de France has a true understanding of the relationship between Irish people and French food, and you'll see the menu embraces the best of both worlds".

Shane Vaughan of Cuisine de France further asserted: "We have seen consistent demand for Cuisine de France products around Ireland in the last number of years and we're delighted to be able to bring something new and innovative to our customers, showcasing firm favourites in a new light."