Derry Clarke Weighs In On 'No Kids Allowed' Controversy

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Derry Clarke Weighs In On 'No Kids Allowed' Controversy

Top chef and owner of the Michelin-starred L'Ecrivain Derry Clarke has weighed in on the 'no children policy' controversy, saying he doesn't open his restaurant on Sundays as it would be "full of kids'.

Clarke was referring to the recent story, originally reported in the Evening Herald, where a woman and her child were refused from Belucci's restaurant in Ballsbridge because the restaurant doesn't allow children in on weekday lunchtimes.

Owner and renowned restaurateur Robbie Fox defended the decision, claiming Belucci's is, at that time of day, "very corporate" adding "The last thing they want is to have a child in the restaurant."

Clarke has said that he "understood" the decision to turn away the pair. "Problems do arise with kids. That's why I don't open on a Sunday, because you know it's a restaurant that would be full of kids. "Speaking to the Irish Independent, he went on to say, "It's dangerous. Kids just go riot. And there are hot plates, glasses, it's an obstacle course."

Several top chefs and owners were quick to give their opinions on the matter. Rustic Stone owner Dylan McGrath defended Fox's policy, saying "it depends on the restaurant," adding "some people feel it's an interruption."


The woman in question, Caireann Smyth, was with her daughter Ava when they were refused admission. Mrs Smyth’s husband, D4 doctor and local Fine Gael councillor Dr Patrick Smyth said to turn someone a the pair away was "morally objectionable."