Eddie Rocket's Lawsuit Settlement Saves Over 140 Jobs

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Eddie Rocket's Lawsuit Settlement Saves Over 140 Jobs

As a result of a settlement of a dispute between 50-style diners Eddie Rockets and its largest franchisee, over 140 have been saved.

Limerick buinessman Brian Dunne has agreed to pay the founder of the firm Niall Fortune some €250,000 as settlement for money owed to the firm. Mr Dunne operated Eddie Rocket outlets in Limerick, Galway, Clare, Waterford and Tipperary since 1998.

However, Mr Fortune moved to wind up Mr Dunne’s companies over unpaid franchise fees which were blamed on a fire in their Waterford store earlier this year.

The Limerick restaurants have already changed their name to “Rockin’ Joes” in recent weeks, operating broadly the same fare in the fast food diner. Following the settlement, however, the Limerick outlets cannot use any of Eddie Rocket's paraphernalia . Mr Dunne has also agreed that Rockin' Joe's will sell the outlets' table jukeboxes to Eddie Rocket's for €300 each; all seating to be changed from red to blue; 'Ain't no Finer Diner' logo will be removed along with all the stop signs.

"We are delighted with the settlement, principally because we are still open but I am worried about our customers and what they will think about the change." Mr Dunne told the Irish Independent.