Famous Dublin Landmark To Reopen As Restaurant

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Famous Dublin Landmark To Reopen As Restaurant

Dublin City Council has granted permission for one of the capital's most famous landmarks, the Dublin Woollen Mills, to be reopened as a restaurant. The haberdashery institution, which traded for more than a century at the North Quays site, is set to be replaced by a four-floor restaurant and retail offering from the 'Book & Cook' company. Book & Cook also received approval to install a dining area on a terrace located on a flat-roof section of the premises, which is on the list of protected structures.In its decision, the council noted that the well-known sculpture outside the premises, known affectionately to Dubs as the "hags with the bags" will be'adequately protected during the construction'.

Elaine Murphy of Book & Cook, who also runs the adjoining Winding Stair restaurant bookshop told the Evening Herald that they view themselves as "custodians of an unbelievable Dublin landmark". "It's such an incredible part of Dublin's history – socially, culturally and every way."People from all over Ireland use the Woollen Mills as a real landmark so we're incredibly mindful of taking over a building of that significance and we view ourselves as custodians in that real heritage way. We don't want to do anything that's not in keeping with that element."