Little Pyg Terrace Opens In Dublin

By Robert McHugh
Little Pyg Terrace Opens In Dublin

A new European-style Italian tapas and cocktail bar is opening in Dublin’s city centre today.

Little Pyg Terrace is the new, music-focused sister bar of Little Pyg and taking over the corner of the Powerscourt Townhouse, opposite the Westbury Mall.

Michelin Guide Pizza

The new venue will offer European-style al-fresco dining, with ingredients flown in fresh from Italy every week and prepared by Italian head chef Federico Rapali.

Sister restaurant Little Pyg won ‘Best Pizzas in Ireland’ at the Pizza Europa Awards in Barcelona earlier this year and serves as Ireland’s only Michelin Guide pizza.

‘Italian Tapas’

“The food will be primarily ‘Italian small plates to share’, as well as our award-winning pizzas, and – in a first for Ireland – will be served out of the window, as seen in cities such as Barcelona and Madrid,” said owner Paul McGlade Jr.


“Italian tapas will include the selection board, which is the chef’s selection of meats and cheese from Italy, montanarine fritte, […] traditional Neapolitan small fried pizzas with authentic toppings, and the burrata plate – all made to share.”

European Atmosphere

Little Pyg Terrace features authentic tiles imported from Spain, to go alongside the exposed 300-year-old walls of the Powerscourt Townhouse.

All of the delph and cocktail glasses have been picked up over years, throughout owner McGlade Jr’s travels across Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Additionally, one wall of the venue will serve as a rotating photo gallery, featuring the work of a different renowned artist each month.

Glass Corridor

McGlade Jr and his team have been granted permission by Powerscourt Townhouse management to erect a new ‘glass corridor’ every evening from 6pm.


The new glass corridor will be lit up by the Pygmalion Group’s signature purple hue and run as an easy-access pathway between the now three venues and new ground-floor toilets.

‘Dublin’s Best Sunset’

“What makes Little Pyg Terrace exceptional is our dedication to capturing the essence of mainland Europe and bringing it here to Dublin,” said McGlade Jr.

“Having spent much time travelling the world, we have been inspired by the vibrant culture, rich flavours and warm hospitality of mainland European cities and, in particular, Italy and Italian food.

“Our new terrace here gets Dublin’s best sunset. It will be covered and heated, and so can be enjoyed the whole year round.”