Lyrath Estate Launches New Bistro

By Dave Simpson
Lyrath Estate Launches New Bistro

Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny has introduced a new 120-seater casual chic bistro called ‘The Grill’. Situated on the mezzanine level of the triple height foyer, the restaurant serves a selection of steak and seafood.

Head chef Fergal Phelan has designed a menu that offers diners the chance to mix and match dishes, cuts of meats and seafood tailored to the guests own requirement. Signature dishes include The Tomahawk Steak, The Naked Burger and fresh lobsters picked from the tank.

Commenting on the menu, Phelan said, “We want people to feel they are part of our foodie experience, that’s why the menu has been designed in the way that it has. Guests can pick their own cut of meat, decide how they want it cooked and even pick out their own lobster from the tank. The Grill offers people a chance to have an input into their dish. We also have an open kitchen so once you’ve ordered you can sit back and watch us get to work. It’s a fun experience!”

The Grill also has an extensive wine and cocktail menu as well as a craft beer list featuring some artisan and emerging Irish beers and pale ale such as Mont Irish Pilsner from Wicklow and Yellow Belly Citra Pale Ale on draft.