McDonald's Attempts to Stop Supermac's Expansion

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McDonald's Attempts to Stop Supermac's Expansion

McDonald's has issued a formal complaint against Supermac's in Europe, in the latest trademark row between the two fast food outlets.

Supermac's received a 41-page report from McDonald's, detailing its objections to the Galway-based firm expanding in Europe and Australia.

The name, McDonald's says will "take unfair advantage of the distinctive character and repute of" McDonald's earlier-won trademarks.

The phonetic similarity between the two names, as well as the similar presentation and style of the food, will create confusion for consumers in Europe, claims the fast food giant.

Pat McDonagh, who founded his business in 1978, claimed he is surprised by the complaint that was made to the EU Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market, saying McDonald's objection is "spurious".


"As two very distinctive brands with immediately identifiable menus and a clear difference in ingredients and taste there has never been any confusion for our customers," said McDonagh, speaking to the Irish Times.

If the objection is upheld, Supermac's could be stopped from opening chains in Britain and Australia as planned.