McDonald's Innovating To Maintain Sales Growth

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McDonald's Innovating To Maintain Sales Growth

Fast food giant McDonald's is changing with the chain implementing a series of menu tweaks to help sustain their recent rebound in sales.

Forbes reports that they suffered a drastic 13 per cent decline in sales in the second quarter of 2015. As a result of this CEO Steve Easterbrook responded by stating that "McDonald's were innovating to address customers' changing demands at every tier".

Changes include removing McWraps  from its menu in the US, which were only introduced in 2013 and re-launching their Mighty Wings in 285 US outlets despite people previously complaining that they were too expensive and hard to eat on the go.

Now, Buzzfeed reports that they have already begun tinkering with classic dishes like their Big Macs and Chicken Nuggets. The nuggets will use no artificial preservatives and be downscaled to having a simpler recipe than the current one, which has 32 ingredients in it.

Burger favourite, the Big Mac, will be offered in smaller and super-sized versions, aptly called Mac Junior and Grand Mac. McDonald's have also pledged to start using sustainable beef. It's hoped that these changes will continue to improve on its 6.2% sales gain in the last quarter.