Naked Restaurant To Open In London

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Naked Restaurant To Open In London

The upcoming summer season will see London host a pop-up restaurant with a twist.

For three months, The Bunyadi will allow customers to enter a restaurant free from phones, lights and most notably, clothing.

According to news reports, its founder Seb Lyall believes diners should be able to enjoy a night out naked, free from any bodily impurities. Lyall has previous experience in hosting controversial pop-ups having run an “Annie the Owl” cafe which allowed customers to order a smoothie and gaze upon six owls.

The Bunyadi has already attracted interest from 16,000 people who want to 'experience liberation this summer'.

For those who may get second thoughts on dining naked while there, bamboo partitions, candlelights and a non-naked section will be available for the more discreet. Esquire reports thay the pop-up will serve Stone-Age style meats served in handmade clay tableware with edible cutlery while sitting on tree stumps.