Stateside Approval For Supermac's

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Stateside Approval For Supermac's

Irish fast food chain Supermac's have received endorsement from a slightly unexpected quarter.

US news outlet has included the restaurants in a list of 'top ten fast food restaurants you haven't heard of but should definitely know about'. The list was compiled for the website's 'Daily Meal' section and featured fast food restaurants from around the world.

American tourists seeking sustenance on holiday in Ireland were encouraged to sample Supermac's staples like curry chips and chicken snack boxes.

Founder and managing director of Supermac's Pat McDonagh revealed his pleasure at the surprising name check.

“It's a great honour to be considered one of the greatest fast food restaurants in the world. We're delighted to welcome many visitors from overseas into the restaurants each year. I'm thrilled to hear that our reputation has travelled far and wide and that Fox News is endorsing Supermac's as a must-visit dining experience in Ireland.”

The US website described the growth of the chain from its relatively humble beginnings in the west of Ireland, with the first restauant founded by former school teacher McDonagh in County Galway in 1978, to its present position with over 100 outlets across the country.