Street Food Vendor Wins Michelin Star With Dishes Costing €2.50

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Street Food Vendor Wins Michelin Star With Dishes Costing €2.50

Food lovers don't usually expect to get a Michelin-star dish for €2.50, but the first edition of the 2016 Michelin Guide Singapore has awarded one-star status to a street food stall called 'Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle' who is offering dishes in that price range.

It is run by Chan Hon Meng, and is one of two street vendors, along with 'Tai Hwa Pork Noodle', who have recently attained Michelin-star status. According to the Michelin Guide, Meng's stall is “a very good restaurant in its category,” that there is “always a queue,” and it “offers Cantonese soya sauce chicken and BBQ pork.”

The max price for some of his Michelin-star dishes is €12.50, and the recent attention has resulted in Meng now selling around 180 chickens over a 17-hour day according to The Guardian.

Discussing his win with the Michelin Guide Singapore, Meng said: “Whether you're a restaurant chef or a hawker, I hope that every chef will put in their best effort, as if [the Michelin inspector] is tasting your food at every moment. I believe it's the skill of a chef that makes his food outstanding."