Supermac’s Go Healthy

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Supermac’s Go Healthy

Supermac's have launched new healthy options in their fast food outlets throughout Ireland. 

The Irish fast-food chain are renowned for the extensive choices available to punters, and now 'SuperSubs' introduces a fresh way to eat with a range of subs, wraps, soups and salads.

Managing director of Supermac’s Pat McDonagh says, “We are very excited to launch a new menu which provides such a variety of fresh and healthy options as SuperSubs. At Supermac’s we strive to offer our customers a variety of options and we’re very excited to bring them a menu which is not only healthy, but also substantial and reasonable. All of our salads and subs are prepared daily using fresh and nutritious ingredients ensuring we deliver only the best of food to our customers.”

Giving the menu their thumbs up were eight inter-county Championship players including:  Brendan Maher & Colin O’Riordan (Tipperary Senior Football Team); Aidan Walsh (Cork Senior Football & Hurling Team); Podge Collins (Clare Senior Hurling Team); Finian Hanley (Galway Senior Football Team); Iarla Tannian (Galway Senior Hurling Team); Lorraine Ryan (Galway Senior Camogie Team) and Sinéad Burke (Galway Senior Ladies Football Team).