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Top Tel Aviv Hotel To Host JP McMahon Next Month

Published on Sep 11 2017 10:07 AM in Restaurant tagged: Galway / aniar / jp mcmahon / Hotel Montefiore

Top Tel Aviv Hotel To Host JP McMahon Next Month

One of Tel Aviv's leading boutique hotels will next month (12-17 November) host Galway's Michelin-Star chef JP McMahon as part of this year's AMEX Round Tables event.

The Hotel Montefiore's restaurant by R2M will welcome McMahon, chef owner of Aniar restaurant in Galway, for this special event.

Hotel Montefiore has had a role in 'culinary diplomacy' by regularly hosting culinary talent from around the globe.

"Chef McMahon is a special talent who lives and breathes his craft," says host Chef Shlomi Harari from Hotel Montefiore. "We share a strong belief in education, and we look forward to learning from each other in these weeks of close creative collaboration. I think the result will be something exciting here in Israel, where Irish cuisine has yet to make real landfall.

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