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Women More Likely To Eat Healthy In January

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Women More Likely To Eat Healthy In January

According to the latest Consumer Insights report from Empathy Research, almost half (48%) of Irish adults took part in healthier eating regime this January, with females (57%) more likely to start such a regime than males (35%). In terms of age, 25-34 year olds had the highest percentage (52%), with 45-54 year olds having the lowest percentage (41%).

Nearly 6 in 10 (58%) of people said they were avoiding products that are high in sugar, with 62% of females and 52% of males taking this approach. Respondents with children in the household were slightly more inclined to avoid food that was high in sugar (60% vs. 56% without children).

As well as that, 38% of people were avoiding food products that are high in fat, with just 32% avoiding food products that are high in calories.

1 in 4 (25%) adults are eating more superfoods than they were 12 months ago. Again, this approach is more common among women (29%) than men (19%). In terms of regions, Dublin had the highest percentage of respondents buying more superfoods than 12 months ago (30%), as opposed to Rest of Leinster (24%), Munster (21%) and Connacht/Ulster (21%).

Among superfood buyers, chia seeds (45%) were most popular, followed closely by Flaxseed (42%). Quinoa (33%) and Goji Berries (23%) were also common purchases.


2 out of 5 (41%) believe there are not enough healthy options available in stores, with this figure being almost equal across all main demographics.

2 out of 3 (66%) of respondents think supermarkets should do more to promote healthy eating. Added to that, the majority (79%) believe that healthy alternatives are more expensive than mainstream products.

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