Edwardian Hotels Unveil Virutal Concierge

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Edwardian Hotels Unveil Virutal Concierge

Edwardian Hotels London has unveiled one of their latest, innovative employee hires, a chatbot called "Edward", at 12 of its Radisson Blu hotels. reports that it is part of the chain's current project to cater to more tech-savvy guests as well as cutting down on human interaction in favour of technology.

Edward will act as a “self-service” concierge for guests, allowing them to order room service, get bar and restaurant recommendations and to make complaints. Guests can communicate with Edward by using natural speech patterns rather than specific commands.

The Edwardian Hotels director of information technology, Michael Mrini, said: "Edward is a fun and personalised way for our guests to enhance their experience and engage with us."

A study by Travelzoo claims that hotels could be staffed by robot butlers and bartenders by 2020.