Fáilte Ireland Launches 'Dublin's Talking Statues'

By Dave Simpson
Fáilte Ireland Launches 'Dublin's Talking Statues'

Visitors to Dublin can now take a call from a selection of the city's most famous statues thanks to a new tourism initiative, known as "Dublin's Talking Statues", which involves several Irish actors voicing stories penned by authors such as John Banville and Roddy Doyle.

As people walk past the ten chosen statues, newly erected plaques will encourage them to use their smartphones to swipe a QR code, or access a weblink, which will result in their receiving a call featuring a voiceover reciting a specially written monologue related to the statue in question. Using a combination of drama, humour and technology, each monologue is designed to bring the stories of the statues to life.

The project was funded by Fáite Ireland and developed by art producers Sing London, with support from Dublin City Council. A full list of the statues involved, along with the author and narrator of each of their respective monologues, can be found below.

Statue Written by Narrated by
James Connolly Brendan O'Carroll Brendan O'Carroll
James Joyce Roddy Doyle Gabriel Byrne
James Larkin Enda Walsh Stephen Rea
Fidelity – Daniel O'Connell Monument Paula Meehan Ruth Negga
Wolfe Tone Patrick McCabe Brendan Gleeson
Oscar Wilde John Banville Andrew Scott
Meeting Place Rachel Kilfeather Brenda Fricker
Cú Chulainn Eoin Colfer Peter Coonan
George Bernard Shaw Arthur Mathews Stephen Brennan
George Salmon Joe Duffy Joe Duffy