Technology Assisting Irish Hotels In Driving More Business

By Publications Checkout Assisting Irish Hotels In Driving More Business

Recent statistics from the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) show that in the US, 2015 marked a turning point: the use of the travel agent is recognised and on the rise!

"More and more American holidaymakers are demanding personalised service from a real person they can trust: the travel agent!” says Stephen Scott, CEO and founder of HoteliersFriend, a hotel representation company based in Dublin and Philadelphia.

"Hoteliers that rely on OTAs and direct bookings are missing out on serious business from North America. The reason, there is too much choice for today’s consumer on the internet. Today’s holidaymaker ‘in the know’ demands a professional to make sense of it all and set them on the right path. An educated travel professional is a hotelier’s best partner!”

Through its extensive network of travel industry connections across North America, HoteliersFriend aims to assist Irish hoteliers in driving more business to their hotels.

HoteliersFriend focuses on helping hotels improve their presence in North America with wholesalers, tour operators and travel agents by offering strategic sales planning, direct trainings, web trainings, trade show presence and marketing campaigns.

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