Irish Food Tech Company Gets FDA Approval For US Trials

By Robert McHugh
Irish Food Tech Company Gets FDA Approval For US Trials

Irish company, Senoptica Technologies, has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration Agency (FDA) to enter the US market.

The company, which is based out of Trinity College, produces patented sensor technology, and recently completed trials with a large UK retailer.

Senoptica was founded in 2018 by Brendan Rice, Dr Steve Comby and Dr Rachel Evans.

'US Market'

“We are delighted to secure FDA approval to position for expansion into the US market," said Brendan Rice, CEO of Senoptica Technologies.

"Senoptica is on a mission to use deeptech to increase food supply chain reliability with a view of mitigating food waste in the long term with manufacturers and retail partners."


Food Waste

Senoptica monitors the oxygen in modified atmosphere (MAP) food packaging enabling food manufacturers to identify spoiled goods before they reach retailers shelves.

The company aims to expand its application for retailers to extend the shelf life of fresh packaged food by up to 40% reducing vast volumes of food waste.

As a result of receiving FDA approval, Senoptica is set to expand operations in the UK and retail trials of its technology across the United States.

Optical Sensors

Senoptica’s solution uses optical sensors created by their patented food-safe ink which is printed inside packaging. This indicates the level of oxygen inside the food packaging, offering a real-time analysis of the condition of goods inside, predicting spoilage before it happens.

For manufacturers, it means defective packs of food can immediately be returned to the packing line and repacked, saving time and money across the entire food value chain. For retailers and consumers, it means savings in time and money and effectively, the possible end of best before dates.


'Unique Solution'

"Our technology currently improves the probability of finding failed packs by up to 11,000 times compared to today's industry standard," said Rice.

"With our unique solution, we hope to revolutionise the food supply chain, through helping all in the food supply chain become smarter about food spoilage.”

Senoptica hopes to reduce food waste by 11 million tonnes annually, the equivalent of 240 million tonnes of CO2.