New Tool To Analyse Ireland's Eating Habits

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New Tool To Analyse Ireland's Eating Habits

Researchers from UCD and UCC have collaborated on a web-based dietary assessment tool with the aim of recording Ireland's daily nutritional habits.

Users of the tool will contribute vital nutritional research and in return get advice from experts on their diet.

Those taking part will have to list the various meals, snacks and supplements that they consume each day and will get specific tailored advice.

“The tool will act as a cost effective way to gather food and nutrient intake in between the large nutrition surveys that occur every ten years in Ireland” said lead researcher Dr. Eileen Gibney. She hopes it will encourage more people to be aware of their daily food intake.

The developers stated that the reports given to users will highlight where they need to change their current dietary habits so that they achieve recommended daily nutrient allowances. Gibney thinks that the tools neutral environment will encourage people to be more honest with their diet which may not be the case when face to face with a dietician or nutritionist.

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