UK Restaurants Test Food Waste App And Cash-Free Payments

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UK Restaurants Test Food Waste App And Cash-Free Payments

UK restaurants can potentially cut their food waste in half by using a new touch screen app called 'Winnow Solutions', which measures the amount of food that gets thrown away.

The creators of the app believe that by putting a monetary value on foods that chefs would usually throw out, it encourages them to find a way to use potentially wasted items.

The Guardian reports that the app has saved some chefs more than £5,000 in food costs over 4 weeks, while restaurateur Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall said that it has reduced food waste in his River Cottage Canteen by a third in just over two months.

The technology company's success has seen it win The Guardian's 2016 Sustainable Business Award, as well as expanding into Ireland, Norway, China, Singapore, Thailand and more parts of the United Kingdom.

In other food technology news, London restauranteur Daniel Bear is implementing a cash-free payment method at his soon-to-open “Carve” restaurant.


According to, customers will be able to pay for their meal at black steel 'totem' pay stations when entering the restaurant. They will then follow a series of arrows on the floor with the aim that 'time-poor Londoners' will be able to 'grab and go' in seconds.

Bear said: "Cash-free payment and one-price ensures an efficient customer journey and we are confident that this will be embraced."