WhatWine Phone App To Be Sommelier In Your Pocket

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WhatWine Phone App To Be Sommelier In Your Pocket

Wine aficionado's and those looking to expand their palate will be able to use a smartphone app called 'WhatWine' to get wine recommendations, food pairing suggestions as well as being able to peruse the wine list for thousands of restaurants.

It describes itself as being “the sommelier in your pocket,” and helps to “pick the perfect wine, every time,” based on the 20-year experience of its chief wine officer, Matt Day.

The technology also uses an algorithm to find the best wine available for those out eating with friends, no matter what dishes have been ordered.

Although the app is currently aimed at the London market, it will soon be extending the service to other major cities. Users will be able to rate the wines they taste as well as having the option of sharing their discoveries on social media.