Dublin's Brookwood Restaurant Sees Losses Increase

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Dublin's Brookwood Restaurant Sees Losses Increase

Brookwood, a Lower Baggot Street steak and seafood restaurant set up by Mulberry Garden owner Laura Peat, recorded a loss of around €232,000 for the 12 months ending December 2015.

Accounts filed by PNL Restaurants Limited, the owners of Brookwood, showed accumulated losses increased from €172,774 to €232,522 during the period, reports The Irish Times.

The restaurant, which opened its doors in 2014, is backed by private equity group FL Partners.

The PNL Restaurants accounts also showed that there was an increase of cash at hand from €44,791 to €54,286 and that net assets had decreased from €102,226 to €42,478. The restaurant employs 22 people and has related costs, including wages and salaries, of €232,425.